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VISEO Asia-Pacific: Our offers and Solutions

Our mission: Integration Projects and Deployment in the APAC region
In Asia, our team is focused on supporting organisations from end to end, from business idea or problem statement, to the implementation of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or target solution.

VISEO Asia was established in 2009 in Singapore and Hong Kong to aid French clients on site in the deployment of their subsidiaries throughout China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.

These anchors eventually allowed VISEO to develop further and adapt management solutions to serve large local companies in the region. Recruiting experienced local consultants also allowed VISEO to optimally leverage on both their expertise and their knowledge of the local culture.

In early 2017, offices in Sydney and Cebu were formed to expand the VISEO footprint in the APAC region.

VISEO APAC offers the following:

  • SAP Integration, Roll Out and Maintenance

As a SAP Gold Partner, VISEO is a true expert on SAP solutions. We support you throughout your project. We are experienced in executing SAP ECC and SAP Business One for subsidiaries of large companies. From back office to management, from warehouse to point of purchase, and from any terminal (mobile or computer), SAP applications enable both team members and companies to work together efficiently with the use of customised dashboards.

  • Supply Chain Optimisation (SCO)

With strong expertise in supply chain management, VISEO offers a complete solution covering all functional scope of the value chain. VISEO currently has the advantage of offering solutions with historical and strategic partnerships on supply chain planning for clients in all sectors and sizes to assist them with the optimisation, integration and maintenance of their supply chain. We are able to carry out projects to meet:

  • Simple requirements for easy implementation with our Colibri demand forecasting tool,
  • Complex industrial planning for manufacturing firms with multiple sites and plants with DynaSys (since 2011) and,
  • Store replenishments, collection, assortment, merchandise and budget planning for retail and fashion environments with TXT (since 2003).

VISEO aims to provide a global answer to the challenges of digital transformation. Our certified consultants support clients by implementing and maintaining Salesforce CRM solutions to answer their business challenges (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, etc.). VISEO is able to provide adapted solutions to our clients’ business models. From advice and business process analysis to implementation, our experts assist clients in optimising their interaction between different core competencies and departments to improve business value.

  • Digital Squad

VISEO Digital comprises specialists with extensive knowledge on agile methods (SCRUM, XP, UP, LEAN, KANBAN) who can propose and adapt methods to best fit clients’ projects. We provide recommendations, training and coaching to companies who wish to initiate or continue their digital transformation.

Our Digital Squad at Cebu is a cross-functional team focused on product delivery. They work closely with the other teams in Asia for each of our clients. Using agile methodology (design thinking, iterative development, sprints ‘n’) and multi-technologies (Java, JavaScript, .net), they are able to implement projects in progressive steps and deliver a minimum viable product (MVP) as fast as possible. 

Nicolas Commare
Business Development Director

Nicolas COMMARE has 15 years of experience in Organisation and Supply Chain Optimisation in Retail and Industry Activities.

He is an expert in Demand Management, Sales Forecasting, S&OP and ERP Systems.

Until 2014, he was Director of the Supply Chain Optimisation Activities for VISEO Group. In 2015, he became Director of Business Development in Asia (based in Singapore and Hong Kong).

Nicolas is also the Managing Director of Colibri Application (Disruptive tool for Demand Planning & Sales Forecast Solution in the market).