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R&D Topics

Three research topics in a papercamp cup

The VISEO R&D lab will first focus on three main research topics found at the core of the company’s mission as an information system multi-specialist. These topics are intelligent data analysis, embedded software (related to mobility and cloud computing) and natural user interfaces

VISEO positions itself as the unique French multi-disciplinary specialist of Information systems as it offers the same level of expertise at all levels of the information system (Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Intelligence, web and object development, software engineering…).

It is clear that data has always been at the heart of the VISEO Group. For instance, ERPs store structured data for different purposes: inventory management, staff management and finance. Business Intelligence provides tools to analyze and visualize data in order to help a user understand what is going on and ultimately facilitate decision making, manage risks, better understand and better anticipate customer needs.

The notion of data has greatly evolved over time. Nowadays data isn’t exclusively in encyclopedia form, but comes in the form of emails, Facebook walls and exchanges on Twitter.

With the arrival of the Internet and information technologies, data, which was previously difficult to collect, has now become extremely easy to access and more persistent. Indeed, much of the data that previously disappeared after having been used for a specific purpose, is now stored, distributed and even resold for analysis, interpretation or other purposes of which the best, if not most frequent case, is research and innovation.

Once data has been collected, it must be protected, stored and, for certain data, access control is necessary. Information systems must then be able to analyze this data, link to it, organize it, continuously enrich it and navigate through it. The ultimate goal is to give data meaning, to understand it in order to better manage information and make the best decisions, adopt the best strategies or better manage risks in different areas and vertical markets.

Today any innovative company addressing information systems must offer their customers clear explanation of their data.

VISEO, through research on intelligent data analysis, will be able to expand its current offerings and support its customers in better understanding data, in order to make the best use in marketing, technical development, strategic decisions or risk management.

Another aspect is that data can be collected at anytime and anywhere, not only from the Internet, but also, for example, from invoices, orders, supermarket receipts, cameras, glasses, mobile phones, cars, GPS, RFID tags, and soon even from refrigerators, trash bins or ovens. We are moving more and more into the world of the Internet of Things, an extension of the Internet for things and places in the physical world. It is therefore important that all data be analyzed via embedded or distributed software or hosted in the cloud.

 Eventually, to be able to properly find and navigate through this data stream, one must provide all users with an interface that is as natural as possible.



  • Intelligent data analysis (available for download) : Big data, unstructured data, linked data, open data, private data, Semantics, Analytics, Business intelligence: What the heck are you doing here!
  • Embedded software
  • Natural user interfaces


For more information, contact Frédérique Segond, Head of Research and Development at