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VISEO Software & Innovation

Research and Innovative Software Development
VISEO accelerates the rhythm of development of its innovative and sectorial software editing activity.

In order to support and develop its software creation activity, the group has created two main activities:

  • The creation of an Innovation department, a laboratory of new technologies created to organize activities of research and development and offer to the community and to the market successful and durable solutions.
  • The creation of a software editing department: an activity entirely dedicated to innovative software development and edition (ALM Software, MDA Software, Business Software...).


The department of innovation regroups the entirety of services of research and development of VISEO. Here one finds collaborative research projects as well as innovative internal projects.


The software editing activity will be structured around the ALM software with Codendi and Coclico and around Business software solutions, which capitalize on the business expertizes of VISEO group.

  • Codendi is an ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) and automated cycle of development solution that allows one to manage all dimensions of an applicative project, from the statement of needs to the management of a project portfolio.
  • Coclico aims at reinforcing the growing software building community by structuring an open source ecosystem.
  • FOX provides Business Apps, connected to the most influential ERP solutions, including SAP. It is based on a connectivity layer, object oriented designed, and dedicated to the rapid development of Web 2.0 applications, ergonomic, and providing high performance for your business.
Solution Manager
Thibault Parmentier

Thibault PARMENTIER holds a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from Inria and Université Joseph Fourier in Grenoble. He has studied the pertinence of usage of object knowledge database associated to inference engine in order to solve problem by using calculation libraries. His Ph.D. experimental field was molecular biology and annotation.

Former contractor at the Xerox Research Centre Europe for 3 years, he was in charge of the design and implementation of technical part of an e-learning system. He was also involved in the coordination of the Thetis EC project. During these three years, he has been active in writing patents and scientific articles.

Between 2004 and 2012, Thibault has managed the Grenoble service branch and has carried on the emergence of the research activities within VISEO through an active participation to 3 collaborative research projects such as Coclico (FUI), Galateas (FP6) and Leilas (Eurostars).

Since December 2012, Thibault PARMENTIER has been managing the Research and Innovation business unit of VISEO Group that includes the research lab and all the innovative projects of the group.