SAP Business One Integration
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SAP Business One Integration

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SAP Business One Integration is a platform that completes the SAP Business One solution. It is compatible with companies of all sizes, and enables the best access to remote subsidiaries.

In order to complete SAP Business One solution, VISEO also offers SAP Business One Integration. This solution is an integration and collaborative platform using all the latest technologies on the market.

SAP Business One Integration enables companies to:

  • Integrate their customers into business networks, across various environments.
  • Unify business processes and automate operation in the entire ecosystem of the company.
  • Retrieve, map, and exchange data with web services, connected devices, collaboration tools, and even social networks.
  • Implement quickly with rich and original scenarios.
  • Integrate cloud computing, a hybrid deployment model for network applications.


VISEO works hand-in-hand with SAP to offer your company a practical solution that fits your needs. Over the years VISEO has developed a true technical expertise on SAP Business One integration.

SAP Business One Integration is the perfect solution for companies with many subsidiaries across the world. It enables them to integrate the results of global operations from remote locations. It also facilitates transactions between the various subsidiaries of a group, and enables the company to access the data directly from any remote location. 

If you are interested in learning more about SAP Business One Integration, please contact us for more information.

Solution Manager
Eric Lonqueux

With a professional background in finance and management control, practiced mainly in an international context, Eric LONQUEUX joined and accompanied VISEO’s development. To do so, he managed advisory, blueprint and implementation missions for both front and back office solutions, for industrial and international companies.

His continued appetite for the international grew and was reinforced as he led VISEO USA. There, he relayed for several years the Group’s solutions and assisted in an operational way local companies with their IT and business transformation.

Today, Eric promotes SAP Business One to both SME/SMI and big companies, to accompany and stimulate their international development with the help of an ERP solution which is agile, multilingual and which answers legal constraints. This is the reason why VISEO was able to deploy it in more than 50 countries.