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Collaborative platform project management
VISEO edits and distributes the Codendi collaborative solution of development for the management of projects. Codendi is an ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) solution and handles the automatic management of the development cycle. It allows one to manage all dimensions of an applied project from the phase of brainstorming to financial management of the project.

Codendi proposes six solutions in order to meet all sorts of issues in project management:

  • Codendi Demand Management: business management software, with Codendi you can manage demands, requirements, sales opportunities, quotes, capacity and delivery deadline calculations.
  • Codendi Project Management: manage your projects (within any sector of activity) and project portfolio. Planning, Gantt charts, resource management, cost and risk management are all aspects covered by Codendi.
  • Codendi ALM (Application Lifecycle Management): manage your software development projects (development, software forges, code references, integration processus, specifications, backlog management, phases, sprints & lot management)
  • Codendi Ticketing: manage your global service centers, customer service centers and IT service centers.
  • Codendi Monitoring: manage infrastructure monitoring centers, IT monitoring centers, MCO and real time task management.
  • Codendi Business Suite: complete and consistent collaborative platform for managing your business processes. It is composed of all the previous solutions in order to meet all your needs: Demand Management, Project Management, ALM, Ticketing and Monitoring!

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Our references:

Xerox: international hosting plateform and management of software development projects for the Xerox Research Center – XRCE (3500 users).

Sonovision group/Sedoc: platform for exchange among Sedoc’s customers (Airbus, EADS…) and Sedoc for the specification and the project monitoring of documentation of avionic maintenance.

Minalogic: documentation and information sharing platform for the 1900 users of the Minalogic Competitiveness Hub.

Fast Retailing: project management platform of the Group’s ISM.

Sorin Group: project management platform for software development. 

Solution Manager
Franck Priore

Franck PRIORE accompanied international companies in their transition towards agility from the beginning of the year 2000. He created Objet Direct agency (now VISEO Technologies) in Lyon, and the Training for New Technologies activity to then develop the Grenoble agency. In 2007, he takes on VISEO Technologies’ operational management, and becomes Director General in 2010 in order to grow this subsidiary to 170 specialized consultants in web, mobile and object technologies.

In 2012, he laid the foundations of the activity VISEO Software & Innovation, from the merging of the R&D and the Software activities. Codendi and Synaps come from this activity.

Fond of new usages, social changes and both individual and collective learning processes, Franck is the main author of Synaps’ Lead Evangelist – new generation enterprise Social Software – for which he applied for a patent in the USA in 2014. He is surrounded by experts in cloud architecture, ergonomists, engineers specialized in web and mobile development and agility experts.