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Agility, a proven efficiency

Transformation and agile delivery
VISEO is a specialist in agile project management with a strong iterative approach. The best practices that come from agile technique are numerous: daily meetings, scrum planning, planning game, TDD, continued implementation, simple architecture…

In order to be competitive, companies must be able to offer, before their competitors, innovative and strong mobile and web services.

When the conditions are met, VISEO commits to secure the TTM of the launch of you projects, by giving you a complete package for agile delivery. To do so, we base our strategy on:

  • A perfect mastering of Scrum
  • Agile coaches and proven support
  • Product owner proxies
  • An innovative contracting method
  • A true culture of the commitment

VISEO also proposes recommendations, training and coaching to companies who wish to either initiate or continue their agile transformation.

VISEO teams have already managed many important agile projects for prestigious clients, but also to an industrial dimension. Their extensive knowledge on affiliated and agile methods (SCRUM, XP, UP, LEAN, KANBAN) enable them to propose and adapt the method which will best fit the project. Our teams know how to explain and to accompany their implementation. VISEO also uses agile methods XBREED (SCRUM + XP) when in charge of an entire project.



Société Générale: development of a new web BtoC platform in order to promote by-products in Europe.

Voyages SNCF: development of a new railway web distribution engine.

Bouygues Telecom: coaching of a team going through difficulties

Weleda: training and coaching of the business and the IT teams for the setup phase of the project with the organization of workshops based on innovation gaming.

Natixis: agility awareness for the build teams.

Docapost DPS: revision of the GED platform for the mail dematerialization. 

Solution Manager
Henri Darmet

Software development is the center of Henri DARMET’s professional career. During the last 25 years, he was able to work on: code production, project management, team management, consulting, technical communication and management of the MOE program. All these different jobs enabled him to answer to most of the application production subjects.

Recently, Henri started working on agile approaches, first in order to ensure his projects’ success, then to assist VISEO’s clients. Regularly, Henry takes part to conferences organized by French agile communities.

Henri also has an important background in training activities, most of the time in pedagogical engineering. He was, for several years, technical and pedagogical lead of the training activity for Objet Direct.

Today, Henri is in charge of VISEO’s development activity. He plans and coordinates the groups’ actions in order to guarantee the quality of our teams, in order to ensure the success of our client’s Java projects.