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Agile Service Center

Reinforced delivery and commitments
With the VISEO’s Agile Service Center, a true industrial production tool, our clients have the opportunity to subcontract their projects of development, application management and support, R&D…

Chose a company who can truly commit on industrialize delivery:

  • A Service Center dedicated to you, locally or in VISEO (Paris, Grenoble, Casablanca)
  • Assistance and support through all the phases of the project: initialization (which can start from the tools already in place), operational phase (Build and/or Run) and reversibility.
  • Various delivery modes: CDS Agile…
  • An industrialized and easily adaptable solution: Java, .Net, Web and Mobile

VISEO Agile Service Center is based on three units:

  • A team who is:
    • Multidisciplinary: scrum master, Product Owner Assistant, project director, project manager, technical architect
    • Trained to Agile methods
    • Trained to the main architectures of the market: web 2.0, SOA/EDA, mobile, RIA, n-tiers.
  • Shared processes:
    • Management: from the beginning to the end of the contract
    • Production: Agile development, classic development, application management and support
    • Performant tools from production to management
  • A collaborative platform with:
    • Technical platforms adapted to each project: continuous integration platform, standard technical framework
    • References and a quality approach: the tools are programmed on the projects, enabling the user to follow and to check both the management and the production quality.


Docapost: revision of the dematerialization platform EDMS. VISEO faced the challenge and proposed to Docapost an operational agile delivery team. We then assigned Docapost’s Product Owner to manage this team. A VISEO agile coach enabled the fast implementation of the organization.

Schneider Electric: creation of an application portfolio related to energy audit and energy saving.  VISEO took care of the entire project: feasibility and architecture study, implementation of the tools, business analysis, design and prototyping, implementation of the softwares, performance and load tests.

SFR: revision of all the online shops with the implementation of an Agile Service Center composed of three Scrum teams. Technical environment: Java, Angular JS MongoDB

Solution Manager
Christophe Creuseveau

Christophe CREUSEVEAU joined VISEO in 2010 after more than 12 years working in IT services. With his technical background, Christophe worked on advice and assistance projects for important industrial companies in both PC and semiconductor industry. Curious and always motivated about acquiring new competences, he also had the occasion to work as a technical salesman for more than four years.

Since he started at VISEO, Christophe is in charge of the production of the Grenoble Agile Service Center. His daily motivations are to find the best technical solutions, agile practices adapted to each client context, the ideal organization and to be the responsible for the service quality towards our clients.