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About the VISEO Group

Relying on its expertise in marketing & design, business processes, digital technologies and data & analytics, VISEO combines agility and ability to offer global solutions.

Synergies at the heart of our model

VISEO uses technology as a powerful lever for transformation and innovation to help its customers take advantage of digital opportunities, address new uses and compete with players who are changing the rules of the game.
With nearly 2300 employees working on 5 continents, VISEO combines agility and complementarity of its know-how - design of new products and services, digitalization of business processes, data enhancement, development of digital assets - to make digital a real lever of competitiveness and performance.

Addressing the strategic challenges of the digital economy:

VISEO mobilizes all its expertise to make your success a reality on the key transformations in the evolution of your activities.

THE "DIGITAL READY" COMPANY: Make your company more resilient and able to win the digital competition.
CONNECTED CUSTOMERS: Reinvent your customer experience, distribution and offering to meet new customer uses.
TOMORROW OPPORTUNITIES: Anticipating technological breakthroughs to build your growth levers

We combine agility with the ability to offer global solutions

The agility of an intermediate player
With 2,250 consultants, VISEO has the capacity to handle the most complex and ambitious projects without compromising its customer proximity and the ability to orchestrate its various know-how easily. Our uninterrupted growth and solid economic performance offer our customers every guarantee of sustainability.

A global presence to serve the most ambitious projects
With a presence on five continents, VISEO is able to intervene as close as possible to your needs and follow your global deployments.
The group has nine sites in France (Paris, Lyon, Grenoble, Aix-en-Provence, Toulouse, Nantes and Morlaix), nine outside France (Madrid, Barcelona, Casablanca, Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, Chile, Sydney, Cebu and Surabaya).

VISEO can offer its customers solutions in line with the competitiveness objectives of rationalization schemes thanks to its offices in Morocco, Indonesia and the Philippines.

A global accompaniment, to follow you from the idea to its success

VISEO accompanies you until the success of the technological assets that we create. We can thus implement consulting services to initiate technological transformations, build the assets that make them a reality and ensure their launch, adoption, maintenance, supervision and even operation of these platforms.

A global perimeter, to transform you from end to end

From the customer experience to the heart of your management applications, we control your entire application landscape. We are convinced that the digitalisation of the company must cover all the management processes to have a real impact on the activity and that the control, from the front to the backend, of all the dimensions of your IT system is a critical point in the global experience that can be proposed to the final customer and the performance of the company as a whole.

Global expertise with a multidisciplinary approach

VISEO orchestrates with agility 4 areas of expertise to meet your transformation challenges in all their dimensions:



A mastery of sector specificities, a transversal view of transformation issues

Because each sector is unique, VISEO has set up a sectoral organization that allows you to develop a true understanding of your field of activity while capitalizing on a transversal view of the issues of technological transformations to facilitate cross-fertilization.

With a diversified client portfolio of major accounts, including two-thirds of the CAC 40, and ambitious mid-cap companies, VISEO helps leaders consolidate their position and the most dynamic players become the leaders of tomorrow.

Strategic partnerships

VISEO has forged partnerships of excellence with three global publishers that cover all the technological transformation challenges facing companies, with reference solutions and an unrivalled capacity for innovation. Our proximity to these publishers enables our customers to derive full value from these solutions by offering the best guarantees of success for projects backed by these software and the full exploitation of their potential.

We are capitalizing on complementary partnerships to complement the portfolios of these three publishers in more targeted areas.