Digitalization of Points of Sale

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Digitalization of Points of Sale, Myth or Reality? 

"The digitalization of points of sale is already vital”, according to Melisande Bouquet, director of consulting at Novedia. However the road is paved with obstacles: technical constraints, mobile usage and certain in convinces for staff.

How to make this reality more thrilling?

The main goal of this digitalization is to reconcile both physical and virtual activities in order to head towards a unique distribution that “we could stop calling omni-channel strategy”, but simply “commerce”.

Stores must, before everything else, answer their customers’ needs: customers, although they are more and more autonomous, continue shopping at the same store (91%) rather than online (food excluded). “But you now have to deal and answer to an over-informed and overconnected customer and this is more important than fancy technology”.

Mélisande Bousquet, directrice-conseil de Novedia