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September 22nd 2014 | Event

Analyse automatique de documents multimedia

June 13th 2014 | Event

Lexical scales for better text understanding

May 13th 2014 | Event

Étude des traces dans des environnements numériques de travail

Jean-Charles Marty, Enseignant chercheur à l'Université de Savoie

April 24th 2014 | Press Release

Viseo announces the product launch of Colibri, an innovative sales forecasting tool

Created, developed and distributed by Viseo, Colibri is a sales forecasting tool provided exclusively in SaaS mode. Using the best business practices available, Colibri offers an intuitive, easy to use and collaborative platform that makes sales forecasting fun and accessible for everyone.

April 23rd 2014 | Event

Interacting with data : from data to visualization and back

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